Ricochet is a top-down shooter where you play as a blob popper. Your job is to take out all the blobs! Be careful, you are also your own enemy.

This game was made for Mini Jam 103 (Mini Jam 103 Top 3), the limitation was You are Your Own Enemy.


WASD to move


Programming, Music: Gearless

Art: PixiVan

Level Design: Busy Hamster/Jeffrey


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Oh my XD that level with the many diamond shapes is very hard!! Super great game. Fun to play, adorable sounds, interesting mechanic. I got much farther this time than I did yesterday :D love it~!


ANOTHER HIT FROM GEARLESS JUNE AND BUSY HAMSTER! (PixiVan is doing something right too, clearly)

Incredible visuals and clever gameplay. Holding down the mouse to start feels clever-- functional and very juicy. The tuning on the gameplay was just right, and having enemies get bigger till they pop was awesome. The chaos of self-damage uses this limitation really well. 

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PixieVan made all the amazing assets for this game! Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the game!